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Get to Know Us

We are retired and live in the small town of Clarissa, MN.  We attend Verndale Alliance Church of Verndale, MN.  We both thank God for 38 years of wonderful married life! God has richly blessed us. We have four children who all live in Minnesota.

As you tour the website, check out the photo galleries, and some of the other links as well. There is much here to enjoy.

"Hello Bob,
You came by our house some years ago and took some pictures on our front hill prairie on County Road 10 south of Bovey. You thoughtfully gave one of the pictures you took to us. I framed it in an old fence board frame. It looks really good.
I always meant to take a picture of it and send to you to show our appreciation, and finally got around to it tonight. While looking over your website I saw the very same photograph in your Minnesota category…so I guess I don’t have to send it!
I put considerable effort into making my little piece of the world a better place, but not many people notice. Thank you for noticing."

- Pete Marshall

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